Possibilities clients

Clients can do a lot with HelloProfs. It is both for you and your organization important that your whole workflow is simple and efficient. That is why HelloProps is an excellent choice. Here we will show you how HelloProfs works so that you can have a better understanding of our platform. Click on the screenshots so that you can see the image a bit sharper. Do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact us!

Create a freelance job

  • Describe your freelance job so that freelancers can react to it.
  • You can alter the freelance job as you like.
  • Freelance job ready? Share it with your own freelancers or put the job on the HelloProfs market place.

You can easily create your own freelance pool. This way, your freelance jobs will get hits faster!

Review offers that you receive through email.

  • Via email, you will receive offers from freelancers who reacted to your freelance job.
  • You review the offer. You can either accept of decline the offer. The freelancer receives your review through email.
  • When an offer has been accepted, the freelancer will create a freelance agreement. The freelancer can start the job.

No intermediaries involved. You communicate through email directly with all your clients.

Receive and review working orders and invoices.

  • You reveice and review working orders from your freelancers. He/she checks it for approval.
  • Work order accepted? You give your freelancer a heads-up and he/she will convert it into an invoice.
  • You store all your work orders en invoices into your HelloProfs account.

Do you believe a work order is not correct? No problem. You can let your freelancers know directly so that he/she can change it.

Do you have any questions about the possibilities for clients? Gert Jan op ‘t Landt can help you with all your questions. Please give him a call: (+31) 085 27 30 220 or send him an email: gj.optlandt@peopleassist.nl.