DBA law

The DBA law requires freelancers and their clients to set up a freelance agreement. DBA stands for “Deregulering Beoordeling Arbeidsrelatie” (Dutch term). The purpose of this law is that both client and freelancer take responsibility for the agreed collaboration. The law tries to avoid false self-employment.

Therefore, it is important for both freelancer and client to have sorted out the agreements properly, according to legislation. If the Dutch tax operator (Belastingdienst) thinks that you act as a false self-employer, negative financial consequences may be a result. And that is something you want to avoid. Therefore, it is wise to create a solid freelance agreement. HelloProfs assists you with all of this.

How does HelloProfs help you in light of the DBA law?

Solid made contracts

With HelloProfs you will ensure that your contract is fiscally and legally proof. Conform the DBA law

Digital contract management

All your contracts are stored safely in a digital environment. You can always check these and use them as a reference later.

Just one click away

With just one click you gain access to all your offers, agreements, work orders and invoices. There is no third party needed so you will be in full control.

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