About us

We take trust seriously

We understand that digital contract management is essential to your business. At HelloProfs we believe that an agreement between freelancer and client is all about trust. That is why work hard everyday in order to make your contracts as professional as possible. Without worrying about the small letters and other small matters.

We help you as a client or freelancer to focus on what is important: doing business succesfully. That is why we created thé solution: an online platform for digital contract management. Discover the convenience of HelloProfs and do business really easy. Check here how our platform works voor clients and freelancers.

The HelloProfs Team

Off course we know how important it is to capture trust well. The whole idea of HelloProfs was created by a group of entrepreneurs. From a diverse set of disciplines, we came together for one general purpose: making professional entrepreneurship easier.

“We stumbled against bad formulated agreements ourselves”. As an entrepreneur or self-employer you are always busy. You do not have the time to check every little letter of an agreement in order to engage in a fiscal proof collaboration.”

– Gert Jan op ’t Landt

“Off course this solution is an online platform.” Digital contract management was born. The challenge in our concept was to make it easy for both clients and freelancers. Luckily we were both in the past and we know exactly what clients and freelancers need.”

– Bart Duijst

“We did not want to make it more complicated than it already is. HelloProfs is clear and easy to use for everyone. We find it important that accepting freelance jobs is well organized and that both parties can directly collaborate.”

– Gert Jan op ’t Landt

Your partner in entrepreneurship for over 5 years.

In the mean time, HelloProfs has been a online platform for contract management for over 5 years. We work hard every day to make it easier to do business responsibly, for both freelancers and companies who hire freelancers.

HelloProfs is a product of Peopleassist. On the website of Peopleassist you can read more about our mission and why good and solid contract management is so important. We also write about the latest news in the world of freelancers in our blog (in Dutch).